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Rev.  CarlaWelcome to New Testament Church of God Rehoboth formerly Brockley Rise New Testament Church.

I extend a warm welcome to those who are privileged to view this website.
We are the first satellite church for New Testament church of God in England and Wales under the leadership of our National overseer Bishop E.A Brown and Mrs M. Brown and District Bishop, Bishop McLeod and Mrs McLeod.

God has been favourable to us and we are experiencing a new season in our lives. With each season comes changes and challenges and we are excited about God and what he is doing among us.

I implore my fellow brothers and sister to remain faithful to the call, slacken not your riding for the kings business means haste. There is an urgency to rescue the perishing. Remember, we are Gods hands extended in the earth You and your families are welcome to join us for worship.
God Bless

Rev. C. Thomas (Pastor)
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"Rehoboth" is a local branch of the New Testament Church of God, England and Wales. National Office, New Testament Church of God National Office
3 Cheyne Walk, Northampton, NN1 5PT - England. Registered Company Guarantee No 917145 Registered Charity No 250306
New Testament Church of God Rehoboth, Perry Rise, Forest Hill, London, SE23 2QU